One Direction - Best Song Ever- Pimmetjedidi Drum Cover

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Vandaag mijn eerste echte drum cover.

check insta : pimmetjedidi

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Samen met Marino en Chelsey heb ik weer eens een videoclip gemaakt. Deze keer over de liefde... of beter gezegd, liefdesverdriet. Maar wie weet komt het toch nog goed! Veel kijkplezier! Behind The Scenes: ►Facebookpagina: ►Twitter ►Instagram ►Email ►Webshop ►Tweede kanaal Shadia INFO OVER DEZE VIDEO -Camera: Nikon D3200 -Camera lens: 50mm -Microfoon: RØDE Videomic Pro -Editprogramma: Sony Movie Studio 12 -Regie/camera/editting: Shadia -Acteurs: Marino, Chelsey -Muziek: Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

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I`ve played certain parts a couple of different ways, which may make this something of a lesson or tutorial in a way. Click on “show more” below for details. So, I started out this song, from the soundtrack of the movie Suicide Squad, playing it the easy way, taking shortcuts, but then I started adding more and more detail, so I thought I’d share that with you. First, this is on a drumless track, so all the drums you hear are me. In the original, there are lots of little electronic and backwards cymbals and stuff. I haven’t tried to do all of those, but if you play with a sloppy foot on the hi-hat, that might help recreate the effect. I should also add, I've removed my ride cymbal so you can see what I'm doing better, as I don't use it in this song anyway. The song starts with the chorus (“All my friends are heathens…”), and I have played that three different ways, although I’m sure there are more possibilities. Chorus 1) (starting about 00:24), Same as the drummer for Twenty One Pilots, Josh Dun, plays it in the official video, and live, from the videos I’ve seen. This method alternates L and R hands on everything. While it is unnecessarily complicated, it sure looks cool when Josh does it (showmanship!), and is a nifty beat as well. Chorus 2) (starting about 01:10, and again at the end of the song), is the same exact sounds in the same exact places except without alternating hands. I find this easier to play. You may too. Chorus 3) (starting about 02:16) Here I play it an easier way, perhaps more suitable for a beginner. Instead of messing around with the pattern on the HH, I just play straight 8th notes. Nobody but a drummer will notice the difference! The “Watch it” part, with the pump action shotgun sound, I have played two ways. There are many more possibilities. To note, Josh Dun plays it with an open hi-hat live. In the studio recording, he plays it the same as the original Chorus (1, above) all the way through. However, I detect some electronic sounding thing that sounds a bit like crashes on the quarter notes, and since it is the heavier part of the song, I like that idea, and used the 1/4 crash in both my variations. “Watch it” 1) (01:54, and again from 02:38): Here I combine the original (but with hi-hats with the left hand) with the crashes I like. This is kind of hard, but certainly possible with practice, and is totally my favourite part of the song to play. It also captures both the HH from the original with whatever those crash-like sounds are. “Watch it” 2) (02:27-02:38) A much easier way to play it, suitable for beginners, just wailing on the crash, but forgetting about the hi-hat. Again, only a drummer will notice. “Watch it” other ideas: You could just play it like the chorus, as Josh does in the video, or try it out with open hi-hats like he does live. Check out some of his performances for ideas! Shotgun sound: A million ways to play this. My favourite is Snare/flam - bass. I alternate that with snare/floor tom x2, a slightly easier way. If you have the shotgun sound, you don’t even need to play anything there at all, but I liked heavying it up. Check out the YouTube covers. Everyone does this differently, and a lot of the ways sound great! Pick your favourite! The drum set is a Roland TD-30, using kit number 1 (“Studio”). Sound is recorded from the drums by USB to, and mixed on, Sonar X3, overlaying the drums on a drumless track. Video is recorded on a Sony HDR-CX240E Handycam, and added to the music with Sony Vegas, which was well worth the 50 bucks. Fair use notice: The original song remains the property of the copyright holder. This video is provided for non-profit educational and learning purposes, to allow beginning drummers to compare progress and learn to play stuff, and to demonstrate my ability (or lack thereof) only. And, perhaps, if I sucked badly enough, as a parody too (Just kidding copyright people. that last point was a joke.) More officially: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Tags: Twenty one pilots, 21, Heathens, Suicide Squad

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