Harry Styles Vine Compilation (49 Vines)

author Cassey McDonough   4 years ago

Compilation of All Harry Styles's Vine Videos :) Enjoy :)
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A video of Harry styles best vocals :) I love all the boys and their voices and i will soon make a "best vocals video" on each of them. TWITTER: @xthingsicant

I made this instead of doing my actual uni work, you're welcome.

This is for Harry's birthday so it's a bit early. The songs I used in order are Harlem- New Politics and Take a Walk- Passion Pit. I don't own anything in this video.

Tumblr: http://freddiesmyqueen.tumblr.com/ God bless Harry Styles for challenging traditional gender norms and not being afraid to be himself to the fullest. Of course I had to add some Louis in there too, couldn't help myself. Enjoy! Audio credit: Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me


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