One direction - No control Drum Cover "Old Park"

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One direction - No control Cover

Good evening! Friends, today I finally finished working on another cavern, now on the British popular band One direction and their good old song No control.
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to record that song I used my drum set which consists of:
Amati custom bass drum 20"
Amati custom floortom 16"
Ddrum d2 tom 12"
Ddrum diablo tom 10"
Sonor Smart Force snare drum 14"

Evans Genera G2 10"
Evans Genera G2 12"
Evans Hydraulic 16"
Remo for sonor 14"
Remo Powerstroke 20"

Sabian B8 pro Heavy Hats 14"
Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash 18"
Sabian Solar splash 10"
Paiste Pst8 Rock Crash 17"
Paiste Pst5 Mini China 14"
Paiste Pst3 Ride 20"

Bass drum Superlux FK2
Snare drum Superlux FT4
Toms Sven and Shure C608
Overheads Superlux HO8

Stands, pedal:
Hi-Hats stand Premier 2215M
Stands of cymbals DB Percussion
Double pedal Maxtone DP2021TW

Sound Card:
Phonic Helix Board 12 Universal

Cubase LE5

Thank you for attention
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Hey everyone! Yes, a One Direction cover! When I heard this song I knew that I wanted to do a drum cover. I immediately went to the Berklee drum practicing rooms and started messing around with it. It's such a catchy and well written pop song with a nice swing groove. What I like about the song is the accent on the “two” in the chorus which gives the groove a total different feel than the verses. Doing these drum covers really pushes my drumming to a new level; keeping the pocket, “building up” the song with variations in groove, cool fills and not overplaying are some of the aspects I have to keep in mind at all times. Of course; these “aspects” have to be applied in all styles of music but I feel that by doing these pop covers and recording them makes me feel more aware of what I can and what I can’t do. Well, that was my little story of this week and I hope you enjoy the video! Please let me know what you think :) All the best, Lars Nijman My social stuff: Istanbul cymbal setup: 14 inch Istanbul Mel Lewis HH 10 inch Alchemy mini China 12 inch Istanbul mini China 18 inch Istanbul Dark crash 16 inch Istanbul Sultan crash 20 inch Zildjan A custom (my Istanbul ride is on it's way!) Special thanks to Kevin Greene (tracking engineer) and Perfection Studios (Boston).

No Control is my absolute favorite song by 1D, Louis is my fave ♥

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A song from One Direction's new album "Four". Rare to find a pop song with a shuffle feel! Big difference in 1080p. Special thanks to Dillon Owens for making the audio a little more magical. He's an amazing musician! Check out his material here Thanks for holding the camera Mike Gear Used: Tama Starclassic B/B Drums Zildjian 15" K Light Hihats Zildjian 22" K Ride Zildjian 22" K Custom Dark Ride Zildjian 21" K Crash/Ride DW 9000 Double Pedal Sony Rx100 (front camera) Zoom Q3 (side camera/audio) Shure SE535 IEMs One Direction- Stockholm Syndrome From the 2014 release "Four"


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