Tahia Cambet Tahitian Dance School - Training Heiva I Paris 2018

author Tahia Cambet   3 weeks ago

Music : Otea Tarita - Tahiti Ora
Students from Tahia Cambet dance School training for the Heiva I Paris 2018
Poema, Sandra, Laura, Valentine & Anais 🌼

Princess Hiriata and her Vahine Warriors ! Choreography, Costumes, Creative director Tunui Tully

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Oceane Ehrhardt visited form Tahiti for 2 weeks to share her love of Ori Tahiti through a series of dance workshops. Mauruuru to Lyn-Del Laua'e Pedersen for hosting this workshop at her studio Aloha Hula Dance studio in Granada Hills Song is "Motu O Te Here" by Fenua If you like this please follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brysonhk/ I am a San Diego based photographer who specializes in life, people, dance and memories. I shoot and video many of the Polynesian cultural events around southern California especially Tahitian dance. 私の人生、人々、ダンス、思い出に特化したサンディエゴ ベース写真家。 私は撮影し、南カリフォルニア特にタヒチのポリネシアの文化イベントのビデオの多くのダンスします。

We hope you Enjoy your online training and feel like in Real classes! :) Through our complete program, you will learn the beautiful art of Tahitian Dance "Ori Tahiti" and have an effective Cardio Workout through our Tahiti Fitness classes. You'll find Easy to follow classes with All the Basics you need and Beautiful Choreographies while having a great Work Out. More classes online: www.tahitidancefitness.com More about us: www.tahitidance.com About Us: Tahiti Dance Fitness (TDF) was founded over a decade, in 2009 by Beatrice Caisson and Lila Evrard, two sisters from Tahiti. TDF now counts 5 schools around the world. TDF is the first dance fitness program in the world to offer both Traditional Tahitian Dance "ori tahiti" and Tahiti Fitness, a new, innovative, fun, effective dance workout that combines all the elements of aerobics and fitness with Tahitian dance steps.


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