Tahia Cambet Tahitian Dance School - Training Heiva I Paris 2018

author Tahia Cambet   2 mounths ago

Music : Otea Tarita - Tahiti Ora
Students from Tahia Cambet dance School training for the Heiva I Paris 2018
Poema, Sandra, Laura, Valentine & Anais 🌼

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Heiva i Bora Bora 2017. Dance performed by group from Anau district, on 9 July in Vaitape, Bora Bora. This is the part of a performance of the Anau group.

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« A Reva » by Vaiteani 🌼 With Tuarii Tracqui & Tahia Cambet For Oceania Exhibition 2018 - Royal Academy London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ’A reva i te fenua ātea ’A fa’aru’e (i)tō orara’a tahito ’A ’imi (i) tō parataito ’ōviri Tei moemoeāhia e ’oe ’A ara e te rahu’a pēni hōho’a ē E marū tō ’ā’au māha ’ore ’A ara e te rahua pēni hōho’a ē E marū tō ’ā’au i te taime iti ē ’A ara, ’a ara, tē onoono nei ā tō mau tēmoni ’A ara, ’a ara, ’a horomi’ihia ’oe ’A ara, ’a ara, tē onoono nei ā tō mau tēmoni ’A ara, ’a ara, ’a horomi’ihia ’oe, ’a horomi’ihia ’oe Pars au loin… là-bas Fuis ta vie d’autrefois Pars vers le paradis sauvage Dont tu as toujours rêvé Prends garde, illustre peintre Lorsque l’inassouvi s’apaise en toi Prends garde, illustre peintre La plénitude ne dure pas Prends garde Artiste ! Aux démons qui te suivent ! Prends garde Artiste ! Ils t’engloutissent… ces démons-là !

Hi Everyone! My boyfriend, cousin & I (3 Amigos) decided to choreograph a short Tahitian routine called "Suenos" by Sefa Pumphrey and perform it throughout our Carnival Cruise on various parts of the ship and at our destinations in Cabo San Lucas & Puerto Vallarta. Hope you all enjoy! Dancers: Sean Quinones, Anika Kialani Quinones & Kekaimana Kaho'ohanohano Music: Suenos by Sefa Pumphrey Location: Carnival Miracle, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta Camera Man: Nathan Lopez Instagram: @anikakialani


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