2 minutes of Zayn Malik getting annoyed by people

author zquad clips   2 mounths ago

Song: The XX Intro Check out the same video I made: https://youtu.be/nJ0mb4COMh0 Check out this amazing channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRqpgzhMsr9V6i12sK6whA Thanks for watching. X

london's quite big this video is a joke hahah. i've been seeing a lot of these videos lately and i saw a youtuber named "dankwolves" make a video called "harry styles annoying people for 2 minutes straight". after i watched it, i immediately remembered the times people were annoying harry lmao. complete inspiration from "shook" and "dankwolves". subscribe to shook: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZF8rswpPhDhLDIFacEelHw subscribe to dankwolves: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCum5Q1a2WdWpq2WMfzjpeLA ***i don't take credit for any of the videos used*** ok omg i'm so pissed at some of those interviewers for being so rude to harry i'm??? °˖✧ stalk me ig: @exprired twitter: @exprired sc: @ayyeitssab

Blessing your day with a Zayn Malik :)

Zayn is beautiful inside and outside. Missing him......

I think Zayn and Harry either broke up or something went on with the whole Larry Zarry triangle, where they couldn't be around each other. I think Zayn left cause he didn't like the music and Harry did, but remember its a opinion and i very well could be wrong who knows!


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