Lil Peep's final Toronto Performance | RIP

author Haute Savoy   3 mounths ago

Lil Peep performs wake me up live during what would ultimately be his last performance in Toronto. We all lost Gustav Åhr, but not his memory. RIP Lil Peep.

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Rest in Peep. I apologize for recording in portrait orientation.

forever grateful for these moments heartbroken rest easy gus

video by max beck Filmed at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Ca LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK:

Don't you just love post malone ? #Stoney Edit: for yall saying he lip-sync .. first of all. .he was a guest for this concert and preformed 4 songs only .. also .. bitch does this 5:50 sound like lipsyncing or this 6:47 ? .. also when he stops singing with those word breaks nothing takes over so sit down. stop with the over analysis ... yeah there is a faint backtrack playing but his voice is stronger ... and his performance is just great.. If there is autotune but so what .. this man is talented and if you don't agree .. why are you here ?

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