Sofia at royal ball

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Amber cheated in the Halloween Costume Contest and now she is stuck in her costume! For more fun and games from all of your favourite shows, head over to: Want more updates and exclusive goodies? Like our Facebook page:

Sofia the First - True Sisters "Sofia the First - Once Upon a Princess" -Lyrics [Sofia: I tried to us a magic spell to make myself a good dancer. But I put everyone to sleep. I should've just let them laugh at me... Can you undo the spell?] [Cinderella: Only you can do that. But I think I can help you find your way.] Cinderella: Everyone’s heard about the day that true love came for me He carried me off and far away from my step family But ever since I wed the prince And left my hurt behind There’s one regret I won’t forget That weighs upon my mind My step sisters let their jealousy Harden their heart But when they ruined my ball gown That’s not all they tore apart If only we had tried to see A way to start a new We may have found that this time round Our friendship only grew We could have been true sisters If we only made amends True true sisters And ever after friends You suddenly feel that all is lost Frightened and alone But maybe yours isn’t the only heart That’s sinking like a stone Though many of the ones you love Are frozen in a trance Someone who’s a lot like you Never made it to the dance [Sofia: But Amber been so mean to me.] [Cinderella: perheps all she needs is a second chance.] Cinderella: You could be true sisters (Sofia: Sisters) If you only make amends True true sisters (Sofia: Sisters) Both: And ever after friends

In this song, Sofia is taught how to fit in to the perfect slumber party! For more fun and games from all of your favourite shows, head over to: Want more updates and exclusive goodies? Like our Facebook page:

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Funtoys presents new 2017 Play-Doh Cinderella's Royal Carriage also called Pate à Modeler Play-Doh Carrosse Royal, Plastilina Carruaje real, Massinhas playdough Carruagem Real, Königlicher Wagen, Carro reale, Королевская перевозка. Here's how Playdough also called: plastilina, Ciastolina, Arcilla, Softee-Dough, Moon-Dough, Clay, Plasticine, Pâte à modeler, Modelliermasse, Plastilin, Plastiline, Plasticina, пластилин, лепка из глины, Crayola, modelimit, Muovailuvaha, 플레이도, Ciastolina, 培樂多, modeliranje tijesta, моделирање тесто, modelowanie ciasta, modellezés tészta, modellering deeg, nacta, tecto, ciasto, knete, Grać Doh, 建模面团, modeling kuwarta, mẫu bột, pemodelan adonan, モデリング生地, pasta da modellare, modellering deg, brumë modelimit, modellezés tészta, modellering deeg, 모델링 반죽. Here's how to say Princess in other languages: printzesa, 公主, prinses, prenses, printsess, princesse, Prinzessin, puteri, princesa, banphrionsa, Principesse, principessa, プリンセス, princese, puteri, prinsessa, prinsesse, công chúa, tywysoges, Princesses Disney, Prinzessinen, 공주, Princesas Disney, Disney πριγκίπισσες, Дисней принцесс, 디즈니 공주, ディズニーのお姫様, Vorstin, Fürstin, koningsdochter, πριγκίπισσα, księżniczka, królewna, принцесса.


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