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It's 2016 and some people still think they can't sing.
This was made to prove haters that they CAN in fact sing, that's why I used " " in the title. If you take things too seriously that's your problem, but don't call me a fake fan or a hater when you don't even understand that I made this because I love them and their voices. If I really thought they couldn't sing wouldn't I have picked their worst vocals and performances where their voices crack or hit the wrong note or get out of pitch? And don't even get salty at me for putting some bits of Zayn when he is no longer part of the band because I know it. But he used to be and since we have no new tour I added bits of the previous ones. I hope you enjoy it. x

WATCH PT. 2: https://youtu.be/RZ5V-npBoMI

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I edited this video and when it was ready to upload I realized it had 45 minutes... Which means there's gonna be a Pt. 3. Hope you enjoy!! WATCH PT. 1: https://youtu.be/VWuvxF9SyVQ Twitter: http://twitter.com/thighsandlies Instagram: http://instagram.com/deloudidas Facebook: https://facebook.com/larrystylinsonisperfecttome Tumblr: http://darklarrysecrets.tumblr.com

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I wanted to make a video for how much I love his voice and live performances, and it turned out to be also a way to show people who don't know him how talented - and somehow underrated - he is. And for those like me who know it very well, let's just hear his live vocals and appreciate it. WHERE TO FIND ME: Instagram: http://instagram.com/deloudidas Twitter: http://twitter.com/thighsandlies Tumblr: http://darklarrysecrets.tumblr.com

By request a side by side of 4/4 singing Zayn's best solos. Have a request for a video? Leave it in the comments below or tweet me. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bestestNarrypix I see nothing. I hear nothing I own nothing.

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