Without Me by Eminem (Cover)

author Micaylee Stumbo   1 years ago

So this is not that good... I'm not good at rapping, and I was cut off time wise so its not the best I could have done. It doesn't help that I kept laughing for some unknown reason.... Also, Grandma, stop right now and just close this video.... trust me. Close it. For everyone else, I did not "Bleep" out anything in this cover... so enjoy... ;) Also please ignore my hair.... It decided to fall off my shoulder without me knowing... I swear it did look cute...

But anyways, this my cover of Without Me by Eminem!! I hope you liked it and if you did then please like and subscribe for more :)

I used HipHopSongtexte's video

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yeah, nothin much to say..me rappin without me by eminem ;) peace! Follow me on Instagram: slimshadycaptain

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