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This was very hard for me to do. I did it for 5 hours just trying to get through it in full. Please be kind in the comments to one another. This is a very hard day for many of us. I will make more peep covers soon.. thank you guys. //today is a very sad day in which we lost a kind hearted, talented, and supportive man. my heart is with everyone effected by this loss. It has been a blessing to watch Gus grow as an artist and achieve the success that he started singing about nearly two years ago. He has personally changed my life, as well as many others, and his absence is nothing less than a tragedy. It is devastating that we as a society can accept death glorification and drug culture to the point where we think its cool to be someone addicted to and struggling with drugs. How can we just look over the fact that Gu was l i t e r a l l y reaching out to the world through his lyrics and posts that he was hurt and in need. We must understand that Peep was very sick; his lyrics and posts constantly said he was struggling every fucking day, and yet most people saw it as trendy. Its not trendy its not cool its not contemporary and it shouldn’t be something people look up to and want to be going through. Depression, mental illness, drugs KILL. It is impossible to change people just ourselves, but we as supporters, and his friends, can still positively impact who we love. I absolutely hate how mainstream rap flaunts drug culture- always have. This death, and all else who have had their lives taken by drugs, should not happen. The war on drugs is very real and takes thousands of lives on a regular basis. It is a disease and people who are in need of help, deserve that help. It may be by their own hand that people take drugs, but that is no reason to scoff at or belittle our brothers and sisters who have fallen into the lonely and cold abyss that is drug addiction. Peep, you changed my life for the better. I wish I had the opportunity to know you more. I wish many of us did. You are such a wonderful man. We all will remember you forever. If I could cover a song of yours without crying, Ill sing them all for you.// MY ALBUM - ( also on spotify ) - MY MUSIC VIDEO - my merch - po box - myah scavo box 641 somerville nj 08876 (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Follow me on; --Instagram: --Twitter: --Younow: --Snapchat: myahalanna .. --Soundcloud: MyahOfficial --IMVU: shmee

Live Forever RIP PEEP I don't own the song


Lil Peep performs wake me up live during what would ultimately be his last performance in Toronto. We all lost Gustav Åhr, but not his memory. RIP Lil Peep. IG: Hautesavoy Haute Savoy Freddie Wahter


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