FIRSTS & LASTS With Sofie Dossi & DeVore Ledridge - Fangirling Over Beyonce?!

author Shine On Media   5 days ago

Before the Teen Choice Awards, we chatted with #SofieDossi & #DeVoreLedridge about the GBK gifting suite, meeting #Beyonce & played a game of firsts and lasts.

Never Have I Ever w/ Noah Centineo:
In Real Life Talk Tour:

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This is epic! JOIN ME AND SOFIE DOSSI FOR THE 24 HOUR PHOTO CHALLENGE ON SEPTEMBER 15: SUBSCRIBE TO SOFIE DOSSI: Video by Sandy Chase Additional footage: Zak Dossi Follow Jordan Matter: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Pre-order "Born to Dance" here: Buy my first book, "Dancers Among Us": Watch More Jordan Matter: 10 Minute Photo Challenges: Dance Moms: Dancers Among Us: Business Inquiries: About Jordan Matter: I'm Jordan, a professional photographer with a passion for capturing some pretty amazing dance moments. On this channel you'll find us working with dancers such as Sofie Dossi, Anna McNulty, Rybka Twins, Nia Sioux, and more. Stick around for some awesome 10 Minute Photo Challenges! Music In The Front, Breathe It, Somewhere Else by Ziv Moran Born to Become by Maya Johanna


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