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Maniac 1 Ayato Sakamaki CV: Hikaru Midorikawa " Your blood, give it only to me and shut up. That’s all you need to do " ↡↡ My Social ↡↡ Subscribe ➠ http://bit.ly/2fIN4hZ Twitter ➠ http://bit.ly/1puQoxd Facebook ➠ http://on.fb.me/1rCnA1n Otome Amino ➠ http://bit.ly/2fECXYY ✧ Game Details ✧ http://www.otomate.jp/dialover_mb/ http://dialover.net/ ✧ English Sub ✧ Snowelf ( special thanks ) Email: snowelfaka@gmail.com

Hmm... I think Yui is 99% sure okay. Maybe today or something she'll be up for download~! Yay~! The Yui with Cordelia's eyes...? She still has issues, so not yet for her. Motion by AnastasiaP BATIM Yui by me Follow rules pls https://yaoifanruby.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Diabolik-Lovers-TDA-Yui-Komori-Download-713995177 Ayato by AlionaLawliet Background picture by me Effects: AutoLuminous dGreenerShader_CLOUDY No Collapse effect for Ayato because lazy ;; o_SelfOverlay_Soft PostMovie_1 Yui's hair physics doesn't go through the head that easily anymore... Kawaii Yui at the end OwO

Another Diabolik Lovers video here... 3 videos today lol Motion by Geral-chan Models by AlionaLawliet Stage by holyprussia I'm pretty sure... Rushing so I'm not listing effects ;;; Enjoy~! OH-- and I changed a BIT at the subtitles. So don't try to learn Japanese from here lolol

I did this in a day... Ayato's death remaining! (Idk should I do the one that Sekai killed Makoto in the beach... or not...) Rikou (female version of Kou) has the magic eye like the original Kou, but the other side because it should be covered by the hair…? I just read the Wikipedia after to uploaded this, that the magical eye is used to read hearts to see are they saying the truth. Well I guess I made the perfect shot that Rikou used the eye before she dies. Like… she was seeing the truth of Yui's secret and knew that she should die together with Guzusa. She sees the couple for the last time with the true answers, and at the perfect time, she dies like she wanted to by falling from a high place. (Don't mind grammar mixing or is there…?) Motion by me Motion traced from: https://youtu.be/3qlHUtj6Jg8 Ayato, Yui by AlionaLawliet Kou by ZKArti/MelodyFive Stage converted by saler1: https://mmd-stages.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Hq-Anime-like-Front-gate-to-a-school-yard-476711619 Effects...? Lazy to put here… Rikou saw the news about a girl "commit suicide" on a train track. She saw her own sister, Guzusa, was the corpse. She also saw Ayato and Yui there and then she had cold feet. She thought that Ayato cheated on Guzusa then she commit suicide as she knew Ayato loved her and herself, and even her two other sisters, and had Yui's love. When Rikou was waiting for Ayato, she told him her feelings but Ayato still only wanted Yui. Rikou said she would love him forever then commit suicide in front of the couple. Yui the Yandere/The Diabolical Bride - Bloody Hands Series - Opening - https://youtu.be/7j_o6ZK6aN8 1 - Fem!Azusa's death - https://youtu.be/xuj-tIcc46Y 2 - Fem!Kou's death - this one of course lol 3 - Fem!Yuuma's death: https://youtu.be/xumSdX9MXl4 4 - Ayato's death/Fem!Ruki snaps (I think…) - wellll motion gonna be by me too but this needs a LOT of work… 5 - Fem!Ruki's death (The End): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGj4Bfl4IBw 6?! - Just The Two of Us - This one is very short, BUT I will ONLY do this after I have done ALL of the above.


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