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Yang gak kebagian nonton FSTVLS tadi pas Live Streaming Live Radio Show in Yogykarta. Jangan lupa Comment & Subscribenya thanks

SUBSCRIBE Anji - Kekasih Terhebat (Cover Acoustic) Anto JL https://youtu.be/Gv67qKnQr4k Follow: Instagram: @anto_justlisten SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/antok-castle Twitter: https://twitter.com/AntokJustListen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antojustlisten

Full Konser FSTVLST - Live in Yogyakarta | Konser Manivesto Editor : Aminudin Saputra

Check Squarespace out! - http://www.squarespace.com/cobus A big thank you to Squarespace for making The Quadrum Series possible! They made it possible for me to dedicate a month of my time exclusively to these videos, which has been amazing. I am using their service to redo my website and I would never promote anything if I didn't think I was giving great advice to you guys. If you're in the market for a smooth and professional-grade website, check them out. LAUS DEO SEMPER http://www.facebook.com/deedlebag http://www.twitter.com/cobuspotgieter http://www.instagram.com/cobuspotgieter ______________________________ Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim from the 2007 release Avenged Sevenfold is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/avenged-sevenfold/id266023781 ______________________________ I very proudly endorse the following companies: DW Drums & Hardware Sabian Cymbals Evans Drumheads Promark Sticks Logitech Ultimate Ears IEM's (PRM) Presonus Samson GoPro This video was shot 100% GoPro, with 9 Hero 3+ cameras, in 1080p at 24fps. Recorded and mixed using Cubase 7 Edited using Sony Vegas Filmed and recorded at Drum Channel Studios, Oxnard, California, USA. http://www.drumchannel.com This video is part of The Quadrum Series and was filmed, edited, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced in its entirety by Cobus Potgieter. NO drum replacement was done in this mix, this is a 100% acoustically recorded and mixed track: absolutely no supplementation, layering, or triggering was done. ______________________________ This song has been on my wish-list for a cover pretty much since the first time I heard it. The only thing that always held me back, though, was the double-bass madness. It's not incredibly fast or complicated, but I absolutely never practice single-strokes on the kick, which is why I am sincerely not good at that, at all. I do some bursts and patterns using heel-toe (which is the main reason I started playing double-bass in the first place) but I never practice straight up consistent single strokes. Here's the crazy part: the BPM of this song is such that it was JUST fast enough to be out of my comfortable range when I used single strokes (I'd hold it consistently for about 5 seconds, then I would just tense up and look supremely spastic) but also JUST slow enough to my out of my comfortable range when using heel-toe. What the flip?! So I practiced it for a week or two, spending time every day trying to get my singles faster, as well as getting my doubles SLOWER.. which is a weird concept, but I had to be able to control the slower speed when playing doubles. After a lot of practicing, the heel-toe control improved before the single stroke speed did, so I opted for heel-toe.. much to the dismay of my shins. Most 16th note kick patterns you hear in this cover was played using heel-toe, except for a few quick bursts of single strokes here and there. All extended 16th note segments were done using heel-toe (after which my shins caught fire). All of that said: playing along to a hard rock track is fun beyond measure. Minimal ghost notes, just straight up power and drive. LOVE IT. Also: this is the only track in The Quadrum Series (and my first cover EVER!) where I used a different snare drum than the other songs in the series. My main snare was tuned quite high and responsive for the other tracks, but I wanted a more beefy tone for this song. The snare that I used is Neil Peart's personal Snakes & Arrows from right here at Drum Channel. I've used this snare in many places (on 8 of the 11 songs on my Ventura Lights' debut album, Way Up Here) and I absolutely love it. ______________________________ Please consider supporting me on Patreon! - http://www.patreon.com/cobus

Play-Mates is a funky rock band based on Jakarta, Indonesia. This video is the first single: KUDA BESI (literally: iron horse) The lyrics tell about how tough a rider and their motorcycle can be in the harshness of the capital city. ----------- Single pertama sekaligus video klip pertama dari Play-Mates Director: Lalitya Laras Post-pro: Lalitya Laras & Yudhistira D.O.P: Amila Tamadita & Adnan Djani Special Thanks To: Erlangga Djojosaputro beserta IRONHEAD Classic & Chopper Workshop atas tempat dan 'Kuda Besi'nya yang ciamik! ------ http://playmatesmusic.com/


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