AOS Abbotsford Inter/Advanced Drop In W/Natasha Penner "Skin" by Rihanna

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Video Class is a new drop In class in Academy Of Dance, a dance studio in Thessaloniki Greece. Each month we shoot a professional dance video with a different dance instructor each time. Be a part of it, every Sunday at 20:00-21:00 . The cost is just 5 euros per class . Video & Edit by CleanCut Production

Choreography by Alexander Chung & Jade Chynoweth Track "Skin" by Rihanna Millennium Los Angeles. Filmed by Ryan Parma & Slater Kodish Danced by

:) . Videos you may also enjoy from my channel: . Part 1 to this: . Kaycee Rice 2017 compilation : . Kaycee Rice And Sean Lew Compilation : . Kaycee Rice Best Dance Moments Pt. 1: . Sean Lew January 2018: . Jade And Kaycee Dance Choreography: . Kaycee Rice January 2018: . Kaycee Rice - Pills And Automobiles: . Kaycee Rice Best Dance Moments Pt.2: . Kaycee Rice Slaying Zoi Tatopoulos Choreo: . Kaycee Rice & Sean Lew "How Deep Is Your Love" Choreo By Jojo Gomez: . Kaycee Rice "Filthy" Choreo By Jake kodish : . Jade In January 2018: Part 1: Part 2: . (it's literally the same paragraph as pt. 1) ~ "Hey guys!, I absolutely adore Jade as a dancer and as human being lol. She's a badass, and deserves all the success!. She's such a hard worker in everything she does. If she happens to click on this video...Hi I love you.. is that weird?oh well lol, you're so talented it's unreal!. I wish you nothing but success and happiness!. You inspire so many young kids to believe in themselves and I think that's pretty dope to be able to say about you. Keep up the amazing work, god has been real good to you and he's only getting started so all I can say is buckle up lol. . Jades twitter @jadechynoweth Jades Instagram @jadebug98 . . My twitter @roseisacting My instagram @roseisacting @kayceeisacting . . Songs and the full videos you may ask for: 00:01 - Hungry - Fergie ( 00:45 - Close - Nick Jonas ft. Tove lo ( 02:14 -Tessallate - Ellie Goulding (cover) ( 03:13 - Delilah - Will Claye ( 04:21 - Swalla - Jason Derulo ( 04:52 - That's What I Like - Bruno Mars ( 05:53 - I don't wanna live forever - Zayn ft. Taylor Swift ( 07:05 - Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown ( 07:58 - B.E.D - Jaquees ( 08:34 - The Way I Do - Bishop Briggs ( 10:25 - Like Glue - Sean Paul ( 11:27 - I'm Better - Missy Elliot ( . . I DON'T OWN ANY CLIPS OR THE MUSIC PLAYING DURING THESE CLIPS.

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Yanis Marshall Heels Choreography at Millennium Dance Complex Filmed/Edited by Tim Milgram:


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