Eminem – River (Lyrics) ft. Ed Sheeran

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Headlights performed by Eminem featuring Nate Ruess I do not own anything what is in this video. Please subscribe and watch my other videos, thank you(: Guts Over Fear : http://youtu.be/3Y6OUOyl7TE?list=UUw2UwoTPR9dNtQ_1_jBGIog Seduction : http://youtu.be/Mu5TN3kZMRU?list=UUw2UwoTPR9dNtQ_1_jBGIog When I'm Gone : http://youtu.be/U8w-8wDd6gg?list=UUw2UwoTPR9dNtQ_1_jBGIog The Monster : http://youtu.be/1vSUMtO3-ZU?list=UUw2UwoTPR9dNtQ_1_jBGIog Beautiful Pain : http://youtu.be/_AGKvMUwLPQ?list=UUw2UwoTPR9dNtQ_1_jBGIog So Far : http://youtu.be/U4AEfIlmRN0?list=UUw2UwoTPR9dNtQ_1_jBGIog

Produced by Global Health Media Project in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF, and Yoni Goodman. Download link: http://globalhealthmedia.org/videos/ This animated story is told by a young girl whose grandfather dies from Ebola and puts the rest of her family at risk. It brings to life the many messages that are so crucial in understanding this disease on a community level. The film makes visible the invisible Ebola germs to help people see and understand how Ebola spreads and how to protect themselves. Critical messages are woven through the story so that people better understand Ebola, see themselves within the context of an outbreak, and see how to act in ways that can keep themselves safe from the disease and protect their communities. This film is intended to help meet the need for better education and awareness that is critical in eradicating this disease in West Africa, and whenever and wherever potential outbreaks may threaten communities in the future. Director: Yoni Goodman Producer: Deborah Van Dyke Story: Deborah Van Dyke Executive producer: Peter Cardellichio Associate producers: Mark Binder, Simon Lawson Art director: Uri Inks Animators: Yoni Goodman, Sefi Gayego, Elie Klimis Vfx and post production: Yoni Goodman English narration: Ayesha Casely-Hayford Recorded at: Just Voices, London, UK Recording technician: Peter Warnock Music, sound FX, and mix: Uri Kalian – Sweetsound Content reviewers: Ombretta Baggio, IFRC; Jonathan Shadid, UNICEF; Alif Iman Nurlambang, IFRC; Amanda McClelland, IFRC Special thanks to the staff and volunteers of the National Red Cross Societies of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea who have inspired, guided, and supported the development of this film with their tireless work and passionate commitment to the people in need. This film was produced with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF, mPowering Frontline Health Workers, and individual donations from Deborah Rose and friends from the Mad River Valley, Vermont – and beyond. Copyright © 2015, Global Health Media Project. This film may be used according to the terms of our Creative Commons License: free distribution with attribution, no commercial use, no alterations.

Check out the official music video for "Stargazing" by Kygo & Justin Jesso Written and Directed by Phillip R. Lopez Cinematography by Todd Martin Executive Produced by Maximilian Guen Produced by Ryan Hawkins Co-Produced: Samuel Caron and Pierre-Philippe Côté Video commissioned by Toby Andrews Color: Mikey Rossiter at The Mill. VFX: Oblique, Montreal. A Magna Carta Production Starring Nola Palmer & Matis Boutin. Thank you to the town of St Adrien. Spotify: https://Kygo.lnk.to/SKygoS Apple Music: https://Kygo.lnk.to/AKygoS iTunes: https://Kygo.lnk.to/IKygoS This Town: https://Kygo.lnk.to/SThisTown Stargazing Single: https://Kygo.lnk.to/SStargazing Video: https://Kygo.lnk.to/vKygoS Multiretailer: https://Kygo.lnk.to/SStargazing https://www.facebook.com/kygoofficial/ https://www.instagram.com/kygomusic https://www.kygomusic.com/ Stargazing Words and music Jamie Hartman, Stuart Crichton, Justin Stein, Kygo Verse You're saying it's hopeless That I should hope less Heaven can help us Well maybe she might You say it's beyond us What is beyond us Let's see and decide We've been meteoric Even before this It's burns half as long when it's Twice as bright So if it's beyond us Then it's beyond us Let's see and decide Hook 1 And I will still be here stargazing I still look up look up look up for love I will still be here stargazing I still look up look up look up for love V2 I'm trying to save us You don't wanna save us You blame human nature and Say it's unkind, Let's make up our own minds We've got our whole lives Let's see and decide Decide Hook 2 (different from Hook 1) And I will still be here stargazing I still look up look up look up for love stars don't disappear The keep blazing Even When the night is over That's how I find the light That's how I find the light #Kygo #Stargazing #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial


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