Top 10 reasons Why Eminem Sucks

author DJKhaled Vevo   5 mounths ago

omg eminem is totes best rapper ever. i luv rap god cuz i cant even understand wut he's sayin and thats how i no its a good song with good raps #bars lol

D12 performing Quitter, a diss to Everlast, NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED Top 100 Eminem songs: Ignore Below Eminem - Quitter Eminem - Quitter Eminem - Quitter Eminem - Quitter Eminem - Quitter D12 - Quitter D12 - Quitter D12 - Quitter D12 - Quitter D12 - Quitter Lyrics On Screen Lyrics On Screen Lyrics On Screen Lyrics On Screen Lyrics On Screen

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Lol this video is just for fun, i do not criticize anyone in this Eminem - God of Rap Vs. Lil Pump - God of T(rash)rap Who Is The Best? Leave your comment below! Thanks Genius for your check the rhymes video Thanks Internet for the meme And Thank you for subscribe me!

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