Beyonce Live Vocal Range (Bb2-F6)

author Beyonce Virtuoso   2 years ago

Clips of Beyonce's vocal range in sequential order. I do not own rights to any of this material. for informational purposes only :)

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Showing that Beyonce is the best vocalist ever. She can do anything inside her range!

here's a compilation of bey's underrated/overlooked notes and unknown/"hidden" notes. this was originally just gonna be notes, so i was originally gonna name this like "unused notes" or something, but i wanted to add some runs and other vocal moments, too (like the one more try cover), so that's that. if any of the notes are wrong, please let me know! also, kinda random, but i feel like this video also functions as an i tour vocals appreciation video lol also, i didn't really feel like making an intro, so i just threw some text right before the c3 and called it a day lol

3.4 octaves of phenomenal control and flawless technique in every register. Ladies and Gentleman, give it up for Beyonce!

My Vocal Range: (Eb2-G#4-G5) What vocal type would you classify me as? Let me know down in the comments. Lol this was a spur of the moment type of video. No warm ups. Just putting that out there.


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