Se conoció el valor de la fortuna que tienen Beyoncé y Jay Z juntos

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"intro: by Laurent Caccia"
in the description of the video will suffice.

Beyonce is turbulent. The lemonade star, Beyonce needs to avoid all kind of stress and mental illness as she's into the final days of her pregnancy. But, thanks to Amber Rose and her 'Becky with the short hair' tweet which has made it impossible to tolerate for our pregnant queen. A source close to Beyonce tells that the tweet from Amber Rose for Beyonce has come at the very wrong time, and it couldn't get any worse. No one should forget that Beyonce's into her last trimester with twins in her womb. However, she now has to deal with people mumbling about her and Jay-Z. No matter how hard she tries, but it upsets her. And why not, it's pathetic. The last thing in the world a wife could think of during her pregnancy would be this, imagining her husband with someone else. Credits: Subscribe For More:

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Beyonce is furious because of Amber Rose’s tweet, as Rose hints about hooking up with Jay Z. To know more check out this video. For more EXCLUSIVE: Don't miss out on the latest gossip! Subscribe to Lehren Hollywood today : Log On To Our Official Website : Facebook : Twitter:


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