Baby Orangutan LOKI 11 - Loki and customer are playing together.

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Shoot on 05/09/2019, Born on 06/29/2018, male, Tama Zoo

Shoot on 10/11/2018, Born on 06/29/2018, male, Tama Zoo

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These cute baby orangutans are outside on their own for the first time and are afraid of the macaque monkeys. Subscribe for more: Welcome to the Cute and Fluffy Animals YouTube channel! If you love adorable baby animals like panda cubs, puppies and cute kittens you've come to the right place. Check out our clips and enjoy the wide spectrum of stories about cute animals anchored with a factual twist! Check out our playlists: Cute and Fluffy animals is brought to you by

When These Chimpanzees Saw Their Strange Looking Brother, The Way They Treated Him Is Eye Opening. Please do not forget to visit the site Thank you for watching this video if you like our video then hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe to #eMystery . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: "Audio by Scott Leffler --" watch video at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for any copyright issue contact us on

Lynne's adopted baby orangutan


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