Katy Perry - "Not Like the Movies" [Kit Taylor piano cover]

author Kit Taylor   16 hours ago

Cover of Katy Perry's "Not Like the Movies" soon to be available on Kit's new solo piano album "Boy Bands On the Ivories". Learn more at http://www.kittaylor.net.


He put it on me, I put it on,
Like there was nothing wrong
It didn't fit,
It wasn't right
Wasn't just the size
They say you know,
When you know
I don't know

I didn't feel
The fairytale feeling, no
Am I a stupid girl
For even dreaming that I could

If it's not like the movies,
That's how it should be, yeah
When he's the one,
I'll come undone,
And my world will stop spinning
And that's just the beginning, yeah

Snow white said when I was young,
"One day my prince will come"
So I wait for that date
They say it's hard to meet your match,
Gotta find my better half
So we make perfect shapes

If stars don't align,
If it doesn't stop time,
If you can't see the sign,
Wait for it
One hundred percent,
Worth every penny spent
He'll be the one that,
Finishes your sentences

If it's not like the movies,
That's how it should be
When he's the one,
And my world will stop spinning,
And that's just the beginning
Oh yeah,

'Cause I know you're out there,
And your, your looking for me
It's a crazy idea that you were made,
Perfectly for me, you see

Just like the movies
That's how it will be
Oh but that's how it should be
Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending
Oh it's not like the movies,
Oh but that's how it should be
When he's the one,
You'll come undone,
And your world will stop spinning,
And it's just the beginning

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Piano performance by disguised pianist on a public piano. https://www.sokolpianoacademy.com http://www.gsokol.com

It was a Friday evening, and me an my good friend @abimaymusic decided to go watch a film. We ended up watching the Katy Perry movie, being musicians ourselves, we thought it would be cool to see how someone like Katy Perry ended up being the one of the biggest popstars today. It was really interesting and enjoyable! Without wanting to sound like a complete hipster kid who listens to nothing but obscure bands, I'm someone who rarely listens to music like this, but I was really inspired by all the hard work that she does. Sometimes I forget, and it's easy for all of us to be dismissive, but no-one can deny the work that some of these artists put in to their careers. This one sung stuck out in particular for me, and I really wanted to do a piano arrangement of it. I hope you guys enjoy my take on this great song :) Please share, like if you do, comment, tweet around, maybe to @KatyPerry if you feel it's worthy! Thanks for your support guys!

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