Open Up Your Eyes (Fallout: Equestria Rewrite) - The Balefire Symphony

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Hello Grand Pegasus Enclave!

We have a very special cover we have been preparing for a few weeks now.

Both James Kelly & SkyBolt villainously loved this song from the MLP movie and both had their own version in the works when we found out about the other.

So needless to say, this was something that was bound to happen.

Then, with incredible artwork by our local Enclave loyalist we are happy to present a fitting rendition of this modern classic.


ALT Download:

Arranged & Orchestrated by: James Kelly

Written & Sung by: SkyBolt

Art by:


Do you not see the reason?
Must I make you understand
Why we sealed the Heavens up above
Away from this accursed land

The war wasn’t our fault
But we were first of all to find
That first bomb that brought Cloudsdale down
And threatened all our kind

Open up your eyes
See the world from where I stand,
Me, among the mighty
You, caged at my command

Open up your eyes
Give up your sweet fantasy land
It's time to grow up and get wise
Come now, little one, open up your eyes

We had to save our own
The rest were all but lost
Shielded from the burning earth
We had to pay that cost

Cause then there comes a moment
A simple truth that you must face
You can’t save any others
If you can’t save your own race


And though we’ve had our problems
From all these years we’ve flown alone
I still see it so clearly
The best way to survive is with your own

Open up your eyes
Look around at where we stand,
Still just a wasteland
Of monsters, lost, and damned

Open up your eyes
We could make the future bright
And with the sunshine, we could rise
If you bow down, open up your eyes

Open up your eyes!

The original background, song and the other thing is the original proprety of hasbro not mine And plz have in mind that I've made this 3 years ago. I was debuting animatic and I thought the best thing to do was to traced, but now when I remember that decision I think it was a stupid idea. Still I think that if I haven't did it I wouldn't be at the level that I am now. So please go check my most recent animatic/animation you'll se that tracing was only resume at this video And I don't need you to tell me: TRACED! .... I KNOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD 90% OF THE COMMENT ARE TELLING ME THAT I KNOW ITS TRACE SINCE I DREW IT So be comprehensive Thanks you

Hello, Equestrians! We have a very special cover we have been preparing for a few months now. SkyBolt has had a certain level of respect for the DCEU movies... as it's one of the few things they seem to do alright. This was no exception. This Sigrid cover of the classic Leonard Cohen song played very well as a prologue for Justice League, and the idea of translating that to Fallout: Equestria was too easy to pass up. So here is something a bit foreboding... the sequence of events leading up to the Great War... along with the lyric video we made to present it at BABSCon 2018! Once again with James Kelly's incredible orchestration elevating it even above the Sigrid cover. DOWNLOAD: ALT Download: Instrumental: Orchestrated by: James Kelly Written & Sung by: SkyBolt Backup Vocals by: HipNerDunk Art by: LYRICS: Everybody knows that a war is coming Everybody knows deep in their hearts Everybody knows that the talks are over Everybody knows this is just the start Everybody knows it’s all over this Some gems and some coal traded by the rich That’s how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows there were children bleeding Everybody knows how many died Everybody had their empty feeling Turn into a burning hatred inside Everybody goes to sign up today Take up your arms, to make them pay For those crying woes Everybody knows Everybody knows what he did to save her Everybody knows what a hero he was Everybody knows that we’d do most anything Even break all of nature’s laws Everybody knows who discovered it first A spell so strong that we could do our worst If the need arose Everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows And everybody knows that we will survive this Everybody knows which Stable is theirs Everybody knows who would be their last kiss If there wasn’t room for them down there Everybody knows that the Zebras have it Everybody knows but just will not admit How the war will close Everybody knows And everybody knows that the fire’s coming Everybody knows time is running out Everybody knows now it’s just preparing For when all the Megaspells will rain down Everybody knows that hope is dead That you’ll be there lying helpless in your bed When you see the glows That everybody knows And everybody knows that if you survive this There could be much worse still in store for you From the burning earth and boiling oceans Would you even want to see it through? Everybody knows it’s coming apart Say one last prayer if it’s still in your heart Before it blows Everybody knows

Hello there, everyone! Today I come with a Fallout song, and it's an Electro House (or at least it was supposed to be). XD Hope you like it! ^^ Download: Instrumental: Vocals: SoundCloud: Art: So, I was planning to explain here how my mind worked when I was still reading the first FOE, and writing this song as if I was saying something to Littlepip (my ideas for lyrics in 2014/2015 was worse than today) after the Arbu massacre and all that was happening in her head, but then I discovered that I still need +2 of intelligence* to write something that isn't too big. What I can say though is that I only did the instrumental this year, so this is a collab between me and myself after 1.5 years. XD I still want to write about this song, but now my mind is focused on other things, including my Vestibular tests for brazilian universities. So, this will have to wait a little bit. ^^' Lyrics: "When the world is just so hard with you And you feel there is nowhere to go When everything is decaying around And there is nothing that you can do We'll all have these days But there is one thing that you must know What makes a hero be so great Is to never, never give up So now I ask Where's your heaven now? I wanna know when will you find it out I wanna know where's your heaven now? If you will give up or make it come out Cause we have all the time in the world We have nothing to fear or loose And so much to do So now I ask Where's your heaven now? It's all up to you Where is your heaven now?" Featured on EQD!: Featured on Horse Music Herald!: - Thanks to Pony for Hire for telling me! :3 *I just had to do that reference, sorry... P.S.: For those who downloaded the vocals and the instrumental in the first 6 hours that I released this song, download it again because I accidentally rendered the files in mono, but now I uploaded the stereo version. ^^

WARNING Some blood/violence. I'm sorry I didn't add a warning at the beginning of the video. I forgot to edit one in because I was in a rush the morning I posted it. Thank you to the person who reminded me about it because I was a doofus and forgot it again. I added it to the thumbnail, title, and made an annotation card at the beginning. Hopefully, that helped a bit, I'll remember to do so in future videos if they need it! :) Back at it again with another angsty animatic. :P Maybe a part 2??? Keep up with me on my instagram @artsy.ess for animatic updates! Songs used: PrinceWhateverer & JycRow - Open Up Your Eyes (Ft. Sable & Manta) Open Up Your Eyes (Remix/Cover) {My Little Pony: The Movie} | CG5 Tempest Shadow - Open Up Your Eyes [ instrumental ]


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