a SONG for Vickie Guerrero From the ROCK

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Gotta Love the Rock & his Singing'
oh & go Here to Listen to Eric Claptons Original Song - Wonderful Tonight'

& go Here to See Stone Cold Steve Austin Taking a Leak on Arn Anderson.

It was April 7, 2014, the night after WrestleMania. Paige was only there to congratulate AJ Lee on taking the WWE Divas title. No one was expecting anything more from the new girl out of Norwich, England. But that day, in front of a global crowd, Paige’s entire life changed. SUBSCRIBE for more!: http://bit.ly/28Okvch Watch the always-entertaining Paige recount her backstory of the wild 24 hours that included her meeting The Rock, getting a feature film made about her life story, and winning the Championship belt. It's a hilarious look at what was going through Paige’s mind as she became an overnight sensation at the age of 21. ‘FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY’ IN SELECT THEATERS FEBRUARY 14 IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE FEBRUARY 22 WATCH MORE OF THE ROCK: WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2pyirxFMreM-CTbd55fqrrF2-44f81k-&playnext=1&index=2 THE ROCK REACTS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2pyirxFMreO2Kc9-Rx7V0mM_uPfHewic&playnext=1&index=2 THE ROCK Q&A: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2pyirxFMreMv3IVdGE7RcObiwDNOFwV1&playnext=1&index=2 GREATEST HITS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2pyirxFMrePalF7_M_ufEthWlbD7cmpd&playnext=1&index=2 THE ROCK AROUND THE INTERNET Snapchat: http://bit.ly/2abN1W4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/29TZ0H0 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2aeCStt Facebook: http://bit.ly/2a6ppES

The Rock Concert 3 in Cleveland. Lyrics are included in the video. Enjoy!

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