The San Jose Sharks: A Legacy of Failure

author UrinatingTree   1 years ago

TRIGGER WARNING: The following video contains scenes that may cause horrible pain for Sharks fans and/or vicarious joy for division rivals.

The unfortunate fact is that the Sharks are my second-favorite team in the NHL. This is why I have to go deep. If you're wondering why the Sharks have a Legacy of Failure despite being so young, you aren't alone. The Sharks themselves don't have it.

To understand their failure, you have to look further into their history. A past incarnation of the club, if you will. Enjoy all of the pain.

Lolcow (n) - A person or group of people laughed at for actions that they take, despite not trying to be funny. They may try to take themselves seriously, but they are often "milked" for laughs with or without their knowledge. Well, this one has been long overdue. The Oilers are a team that glorifies its storied past, yet ignores the issues that plague it today. In fact, their solution to these dilemmas are throwing more relics from the past at it. In other words, this team is Al Bundy. The Oilers may as well be a shoe salesman that opines for the glory days of the past. It seems to be all they're good for, anymore. As for why the Oilers are in this situation, this video will attempt to explain their many, many, many self-inflicted wounds. Even then, it may not be enough.

It was supposed to be the start of a golden age for Minnesota hockey. An end to their years of futility after a surprise playoff run almost ten years earlier. Signing the two best free agents on the market had the area dreaming of the Stanley Cup again. Sadly, reality rarely works out as planned. The two players that were thought to have taken them over the top haven't had the significant impact they desired. The two have helped to bring the Wild back to the playoffs, but nothing further. Competing, but not a true contender. This is the woe of the Minnesota Wild, a team locked into two terrible contracts for many more years to come. A team that can't supplement their core with talents to take them over the top. A team that is flirting with the irrelevance that they sought to overcome. This video's a little different than the usual fare. Just figured I'd change things up a bit. Keep it "fresh". "Fun" fact: This video slot was originally going to be a video about the Philadelphia Flyers. Winning nine of ten games kinda puts those plans on hold. Only fair.

A 5-minute Major Penalty from Cody Eakin to Joe Pavelski forces the Sharks to come out swimming for the Hungry Knights!! And they made them pay for what they did!! So enjoy this EXTENDED Power Play for 11 Minutes of PURE ENERGY!!!!

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