Rescued orangutan released back into the wild after 3 years.

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Shifa was rescued by Orangutan Foundation and The Wildlife Department of Central Kalimantan (BKSDA) in September 2016. She was being kept as an illegal pet. After 3 years of Orangutan Foundation looking after her, she has learnt to make nests, find food and has grown strong enough to survive. Shifa was released back into the wild, where she belongs and is now living in the protected Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

Minggu is 6 months old and she is ready to climb and eat some bits. She definitely loves mommy's ape cookies! Seeing her climb on her own was wonderful! And after she was real close to the window which made my day! I loved spending a few hours in the orangutan building. Don't worry they have an outside habitat. I know it looks all a bit old and people may think it's sad. But they have a lot of stuff to play in there and it's pretty big. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my channel! My name is Lieke and I am 25 years old. I blog mostly about my weekly trips to all kinds of zoos. In my videos I like to take you with me to the most beautiful zoos in Europe! Subscribe to my channel, you will be notified when a new video comes online. I love to read your comments and get to know my viewers. Love, Lieke Instagram: liekesshotoflife Website: Facebook:

Just over 40 years ago rescued orangutans released here in Borneo learnt to use soap by watching local people washing in the river. This learnt behaviour has now spread to these wild orangutans. *** Buy Spy in the Wild on DVD or Blu-ray now (UK): *** (Affiliate link) Clip from programme 2 'Intelligence' of our PBS/THIRTEEN Productions LLC series Spy in the Wild. Narrated by David Tennant Directed by John Downer Music by Will Gregory Follow John Downer Productions: Twitter Facebook Instagram

Conoce a Elo el orangután! Esperamos que usted lo ama! Elo es un huérfano. Su madre murió y su hogar en el bosque fue destruido. Adopta Elo en la página web de Orangutan Outreach! Elo es uno de cientos de orangutanes siendo cuidados en el Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Center, que es administrado por la Fundación de Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS). El centro ha sido presentado en Orangutan Diarios y Orangutan Island. Los orangutanes están en peligro crítico en la naturaleza debido a la deforestación y la pérdida de hábitat. Por favor ayude a ellos! Dé Elo un futuro— en el bosque. Obtenga más información y ayuda en el sitio web de Orangutan Outreach: Este video ha sido editado a la perfección a través de: John Knauer de nuez moscada Publicar Un agradecimiento especial a Patty B por todo su apoyo! Música de Chris Zabriskie

At 117 square kilometres, the Müritz is the largest lake on German territory, but it’s far from the only one in the north east of the country. Even the Mecklenburg Lake District, between Waren and Feldberg, contains around 2000 lakes alone. Thanks to the Müritz National Park the species diversity is particularly high in the region: half of the German crane population breeds in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; the osprey is typical of the Müritz area; the lively Eurasian otter hunts here; and the endangered red milan circles the skies above. Fred Bollmann knows the national park like hardly any other. The former ranger and voluntary nature conservationist is actively involved in the preservation of ‘his’ wildlife world. Filming for this production took two years. The outcome is a unique portrait of this stunning region.

A 5-year-old female orangutan named Luthy has developed quite the reputation as an escape artist. She’ll skip class in search of other forms of entertainment. From the Series: Orangutan Jungle School: Second Chances


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