Comment déjaunir sa perruque | Blond polaire ft WIGBING

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(Désolé la musique est un peu forte et la background pas top car je film dans la chambre des enfants 😅)


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✅N'oublie pas d'activer la cloche, pour avoir la notification quand je posterais une nouvelle vidéo ✅ WHAT'S UUUUUP LES KIINGS !!!!! J'en ai assez de voir des perruques blonde jaune dans la rue si tu en a assez aussi cette video est faite pour toi car je te montre comment passé d'un blond peut flatteur a un blond on fleek . Enjoy . Mes dimensions : Perruque lace frontale 13X6 couleur 613 de 26 pouces Lien des mèches : The Official Wig Link: The Only Official Website: SKU: 6LF10801 Hair Length: 26 inches Hair Density: 180% Hair Color: #613 Platinum Blonde Hair Type: 100% Virgin Human Hair Cap Construction: Glueless Lace Front Cap 6"*6" Lace Parting Area Hairline: Pre-plucked Hairline Cap Size: Average 💇 produit utilisé : - couleur Wella koleston perfect 10/31 - shampooing fanal nutri care -spray séchage design me DRY POWER 🎼 MON INTRO : El pote bumbum 👑 @FOLLOW ME ON » 👑 👉🏼Instagram | 👉🏼Snapchat | gaby_royalty Professionnel uniquement :

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I often get asked where I get my hair done and everyone is shocked when I tell them I do it myself. Here's my go to tutorial on how I lighten and keep up my platinum blonde hair. NOTE | I'm not an expert so I do want to just warn you that if you try this yourself you have to take caution I am only doing my roots in this video, but if you want to do your full head (and your hair hasn't been bleached at all) the main steps still apply (you just won't need to section off your hair if you don't want to, you can just apply it however it easiest to you!) ** IF you have some bleach processed hair (so brown with highlights or something) you can't go straight white with already bleached hair on your head but doing it in less harsh steps you can get there. I started with a couple bleach baths with 20 volume to even it out and as my hair grew out I was able to get this white!** PRODUCTS I USE | + Coconut oil + 20 Volume Creme Developer + T-18 Lightest Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner - + Violet Prism Lites Lightener (Violet works well for hair that takes yellow out… blue takes orange out…doesn’t OVERLY matter but I just found that my results are better with the violet) - + Hair Color Mixing Bowl - + Black Hair Dye Brush x 2 (I use one for applying the coconut oil) - + Duckbill Clips & Hair Elastics - + Plastic Bag +Shampoo + Conditioner (Plaine Products)- I found most of my products from my local Sally Beauty store. If you don't have one near you, I've attached links to where you can buy the products online. The coconut oil you can pick up from any natural whole foods store, or grocery store (Costco sells a big tub that I used to buy all the time.) ___________________________________ HOW TO TIP | I do two rounds of 20 volume developer so it's a less intensive application on my head. Everyone's hair color is different and I know that my hair takes two rounds (sometimes even a third for touch ups) of 20. If your hair is lighter than mine, the color may lift quicker and you may only need one round, or you may need all three rounds it all depends. Going with a stronger developer than 20 just means the strength to pull the color is more intense which can also mean more hard on your hair and greater chance for it to melt it. So this works for me, and if you have time I'd strongly suggest doing it this way! Just make sure to give a good amount of time for your hair/head to recover from the bleaching process. It's weak every time you bleach so be careful with not overlapping into previously bleached hair AND do give time for it to rest. Also using coconut oil yes helps the hair stay nourished but I use it mainly for controlling the hair for an easier application. I've heard some say it prevents the bleach from fully working and people say that it doesn't and works great. Personally, I've tried it a ton of times with coconut oil and a ton of times without (I've been doing this for a few years now lol) and I notice no difference, so I'm stickin' with it! CLICK BELOW TO READ FULL TUTORIAL | ___________________________________ OTHER VIDEOS YOU MAY LIKE | + DIY Natural Beauty Recipes + DIY Distressed Jeans ___________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL | + Instagram : +Twitter : + Pinterest : + Facebook : ___________________________________ MUSIC | + BANKS- Warm Water (Summer Occasion Cover) (Nacreous Remix) Soundcloud + THBD - Good For You - Soundcloud

HEEEY GUUURLS 💕 FOLLOW ME 🤗 👉🏽 Instagram: @ViewFrom.mina ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ DIVASWIGS HAIR INFORMATION ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 【NEW YEAR SALE】 $90 OFF REGULAR PRICED WIGS CODE : DW90 $120 OFF REGULAR PRICED 360 LACE FRONTAL WIGS CODE:DW120 BUY ONE,GET ONE FREE : UNDER OR ONLY $159 : 【$299 FOR 2 WIGS-LIMITED TIME】 The wig I'm wearing in this video is from DIVASWIGS : Direct Item Link : Hair Len./Wgt.: 22 Inch/323 g Hair Color: Natural black Hair Density: 180% Density Hairline: Natural Hairline Lace Color: Light Brown Cap Construction: Glueless 360 Lace Frontal Wig Cap Cap Size: Average Free Gifts: Brush&Wig Cap Follow Divaswigs Social Media to get sales , coupons and giveaway information: AUTRES PRODUITS MENTIONNÉS - Creme oxydante volume 40 - Poudre bleue decolorante - Shampoing Shimmer lights - autre alternative: shampoing L'Oreal - Laque GOT 2 B - Peigne chauffant (boutique GT WORLD - Chateau D'eau)

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