SISTERS - Stay - Rihanna - Tahia Cambet

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Music : Stay - Rihanna

Music : I Te Haamatara by O Tahiti E Choreography by Tahia Cambet for the Heiva I Paris 2018 O Tahiti Nui dance group - Winner in 2015, 2016 & 2018. With Teani, Marutea, Sandra, Tahia & Poerani

Names Contestants AND Songs: 1. Мебо Нутсубидзе: "We Found Love" 2. Rude Boy: "Rude Boy" 3. Lovelle Hill "Diamonds" 4. David Operah: "Stay" 5. Karolyn: "wild thoughts" 6. Roos van der Hoeven: "Russian Roulette" 7. Zoë Modiga: "Diamonds" 8. Anita Makkinje: "We Found Love" 9. Maliya Jackson: "We Found Love" 10. Martina Milošević: "Stay" Rihanna Songs on the voice, the voice 2018, the voice blind auditions 2018, the voice season 14, Rihanna the voice, the voice Rihanna covers, We Found Love the voice, the voice uk, the voice covers 2018, the voice covers of coaches songs, the voice Diamonds, the voice covers, top performance the voice, the voice kids,

Distance and language are no longer limits to the development of your dancing skills. Wherever you are in the world, you can now, thanks to the online classes held in French, English or Japanese, discover a new approach to Tahitian dance. 世界中どこにいても、オンラインレッスンで練習できます。言語は、日本語、フランス語、英語を用意しています。タヒチアンダンスのこの新しいアプローチを、ぜひ試してみましょう。 Join us on Starting mid-september 2017

Découvrez la prestation Otea de la troupe Mahaora lors de la soirée des troupes du vendredi 8 septembre 2017 au théâtre Bobino. La troupe remporte le titre et se classe 1ère de la compétition dans cette catégorie Troupes Otea (danse sur percussions rapides enregistrées). Félicitations !


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