CAN'T STOP THE FEELING Piano Lesson Tutorial - Justin Timberlake

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Need more help learning Piano? Try Flowkey

Access interactive piano sheet music for 'PIANO MAN' by Billy Joel (perfect accompaniment to Andy's video) when you subscribe to '' here Andy Piano Website Andy's Instagram Here's how to play Piano Man by the legendary Billy Joel! QUICK LINKs for the sections of this tutorial; INTRO 10:02 VERSES 1:06 INTERLUDE 5:47 ______________________________________________________________ - Andy's Electric Piano (in this video) - Great Keyboard Stand - Andy's Sustain Pedal (essential) - Adjustable Piano Stool ______________________________________________________________ Access interactive piano sheet music for 'PIANO MAN' by Billy Joel (perfect accompaniment to Andy's video) when you subscribe to '' here

There's more on chords in my book: Learning piano chords and chord progressions can seem pretty daunting, but you can get a long way on the instrument by knowing just a few. In fact, you can play hundreds of songs if you learn just four easy piano chords. In this tutorial I'm going to assume you're a beginner and that, while you know the basic notes on the piano keyboard, you know little or nothing about chords, harmony and improvisation. I'll teach you four chords and a simple progression in the key of C that you can adapt to help you play very many different songs. You can also use this easy tutorial to start learning some bits and pieces of piano improvisation, and as an intro to some of the other piano tutorials on my channel. The chords I look at are C, F, G and A minor. The first thing I explain is the importance of being able to play these chords in many different voicings and inversions - the piano offers hundreds of different ways of playing simple chords, and it's important that you really get comfortable with find chord shapes quickly on the keyboard. From there we take a simple chord progression and begin to play it to time, starting with just single chords and moving on to slightly more complex, but easy piano comps. We also look at ways that you can start improvising on the chords to create more interesting effects, and also mention playing in different keys and learning how to pick out melody at the keyboard. A really important point that I make several times is that you have to practise this pretty hard - learning piano isn't easy, and it's really crucial that you give your brain time to adjust to the complex stuff you're asking it to do. However, with a few hours or days of practice it shouldn't take long for you to get pretty reasonable at playing chords on the piano. It's all about determination and sticking to it! If you've enjoyed this tutorial you might also like my book, How To Really Play The Piano - there's a link at the top of this description.

Finally a valuable life skill that even you, yes YOU! can accomplish with very little effort. Going over how to fake play piano. All you need is at least one working finger, excellent taste in YouTube channels, and a pure heart and you'll be a fake piano master in no time! Hit me up on Twitter: And Insta: Listen to the new album: iTunes: Spotify: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: A little about me: Sean Daniel is a man. A man of simple needs and desires. And the one desire, no, the one NEED, that stands above all is to spread the challenges, joy and intellectual stimulus of music to people of Earth and beyond. Born on the mean streets of upper middle class suburban Chicago, Sean learned the ways of the world through the dizzying heights of success to the lonesome depths of failure and emerged with the promise of a better tomorrow reflecting in his eyes and fiery passion in his belly. He plays and teaches guitar on his YouTube channel where he regularly releases original music and projects to the adulation of legions of fans, who often compare him to Chris Pratt and one time Ryan Reynolds. He’s currently in the market for a nice leather jacket.

Hope you like this crazy one take of Can't Stop The Feeling :P Stream/Download our cover: Last video here (it's COLD WATER!!): And... for those of you awesome people who read this, use the word "kitchen" in the description :) I will find all of you! _______________________________ GET IN TOUCH! KURT SCHNEIDER: Facebook: Twitter: Kastr download/follow: JOSH LEVI: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: ALEX G: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: “Can't Stop The Feeling!” – originally by Justin Timberlake Written by: Justin Timberlake, Max Martin & Johan Schuster Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing, Almo Music Corp. & Universal Music Publishing


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