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Don't forget to like/subscribe♥ Requests are always an option **I own nothing** Song: Kiss and make up By: Dua Lipa featuring Blackpink Original link: This channel is the second to the first male nightcore channel. Welcome Back! Link for all photos from previous channel along with this one: Soundcloud: The character in this image is from Tokyo Ghoul. Mr.Tsukiyama Hangeul: 아직 너를 못 떠나고 뭘 하고 있는 건지 언젠가는 다 끝날 걸 떠날 걸 알지만 고장 난 우릴 다시 고쳐 볼 수는 없을지 아무런 말도 넌 하지 마 마지막은 없어 Pronunciation: ajing-neoreul mot tteonago mwol hago inneun geonji eonjenganeun da kkeunnal geol tteonal geol aljiman gojang nan uril dasi gochyeobol suneun eopseulji amureon maldo neon hajima majimageun eopseo Translation: I am still Not able to leave you; what am I doing? I know someday it will be all over And you will leave, but Our broken relationship… Can’t we try to fix it again Don’t say a word There is no end

« Disclaimer.» Original: 4minute - Whatcha doin' today This is my nightcore version Enjoy!

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