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questo e un video molto bello

By far the worst beat down in DB/Z/GT history. I'd just like to remind people, by adding the &fmt=18 to the end to the end of this video's URL, you may view it at full DVD quality. My videos are generally high resolution, so when I upload them, they become very blurry. Adding &fmt=18 will let you see them how they were intended. This works on all videos.

What's Up¿ Watch Goku propose to Chi-chi in the clutch in this episode of Dragon Ball, titled Anonymous Proposal, which originally aired in Japan on December 7, 1988. Check out my other videos at www.WhatsUpReview.com Disclaimer: All rights belong to Fuji TV and Animax. Dragon Ball was created by Akira Toriyama. For a full list of credits visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Ball

Chi Chi is exhausted from not having a car to drive home, and she wants Goku & Piccolo to get their licenses. This episode does not make any sense at all. In the earlier episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Chi Chi actually did drive a car. Well this episode is a filler and it never happened in the manga so I guess it was just a mistake the directors made.

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