O Tahiti Nui - 1st place Mehura - Heiva I Paris 2016

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O Tahiti Nui (Paris) - Chorégraphie: Tahia Cambet
Danseuses: Poerani, Mélina, Teani, Hélène et Tahia.
Musique : Otea des Grands Ballets de Tahiti

O Tahiti Nui (Paris) - Chorégraphie: Tahia Cambet Danseuses: Poerani, Lili, Teani, Poehere et Tahia. Musique : Taku Tamaiti E de Emma Terangi repris par O Tahiti Nui - Tous droits réservés. Chanteuses: Nya Tcha et Maude Alphonso Création Instrumentale: Teanuanua Paraurahi Mastering: Jeremy Piccirilli (Prayanam Dub) Costumes: Tahia Cambet, Teani Frachon & Marie Huon

Faré Maohi du 10/05/2012

Heiva 2016,Heiva i Tahiti,O Tahiti E,Tahitian dance In Tahitian, the word Heiva (hei meaning to assemble, and va meaning community places) refers to activities, pastimes, physical exercise, and festivals. Music, dancing, singing and sporting events have always held an important place in Polynesian communities. In ancient times, they were essential components of religious and political ceremonies. Dance was one of the most sophisticated and ritualized art forms performed in groups or individually. Each year the event Heiva i Tahiti is held where different groups compete against each other in many different dance categories. This is a portion of the performance from the group "O Tahiti E" #otahitie #heiva2016 #tahitiandancing

Music video by Nicole Scherzinger performing Right There. Get it on iTunes: http://glnk.it/30 © 2011 VEVO Best of NScherzinger: https://goo.gl/KYLCss Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/toDtJq


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